Review of Products and Markets


Markets and technologies are evolving at an ever-increasing rate and the lifespan of an average business is falling. Added problems for manufacturers have arisen over the past ten to fifteen years because low cost and sometimes good quality manufacturing can be found overseas. You can double your efficiency but if the unit costs of a Chinese factory are five times lower, you could still have a problem.


Here are some alternatives:


  • You are closer to your market - can the product be re-defined or engineered more closely to specific customer requirements?


  • Can some low technology aspects of your product or product range be made more cheaply overseas?


  • Can you develop services based upon your products?

    We have experience of all the above problems but the service development solution is often the most effective and constitutes our strongest area of experience. Services are generally less vulnerable to overseas competition and usually require less capital expenditure per unit of turnover.


    To support our review, we can carry out market research or surveys, develop and evaluate new business models and make financial forecasts for the proposed products or services

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