Procure and Implement IT Systems


            Layamon Associates do not supply systems but we have experience in the introduction of MRP and ERP systems in the manufacturing, service and contracting arenas.


We aim to assist in the 'dialogue of the deaf' which normally precedes the selection of any new company-wide system. This problem arises because the customer usually understands how and where an IT technology can be applied to his business but cannot envisage precisely how a system would be designed to meet his requirements. On the other hand, the software provider is operating in a fiercely competitive market and has generally invested millions of pounds in developing a complex and flexible system. The software sales team is driven to make a sale and have confidence in the adaptability of their product but they do not fully understand your business.


So the limitations of the system you select often become apparent during implementation, generally accompanied by expensive rewriting of the basic software. Litigation in this area is common.


Some considerations before you select and implement a company-wide systems are:

Our aim would be to provide support in these areas:







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